Comedown Green Tea (An EP About Coping Mechanisms)

by I'm Alone

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End of the line.
I'm Alone is dead.

TS 93-15
KW 92-15
Don't kill yourself to feel at home.
Update: I feel like it's worth mentioning that this album's description was intended to be a suicide note, that I survived those difficult times, and that I am extremely grateful to be here today. For every time I've tried to kill myself I have had a handful of moments that remind me why I want to stay on this planet. From me to you, hang in there - things get better.


released June 18, 2015



all rights reserved


I'm Alone Houston, Texas

Experimental electronic music for bats, for the inconsolable, for the dead, for the addicted, for the too hopeless or too hopeful, for the people that see therapists, for the limerent; sounds for the anxious, the grieving, the lucid dreamers, the starving artists, the people that can't get it together, for anyone that's ever felt alone in a room full of people. ... more

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Track Name: This Frail River
Originally planned lyrics:

Frail and tired I jumped in this river
With twine tied to iron I slept where I shivered and I
Hoped that my anchor could keep me afloat
As if tar pulled from gravestones could make a good boat

This ocean waits
I swear it sings when I sleep
For you, so few
I swear it breathes when I sleep
For you or else who
Track Name: Salt Water Flood Gates
I left my tea cold, steeped it for who knows
Let the bittersweet tangle up my teeth
I suppose there's no room to house us both
On your soft pillow that your lover does know

I am tired ghost that loves when you're alone
And my bones you touched sweet when no one is home to see
Oh I am tired ghost who loves when you're alone
And my bones you touched sweet when no one is home to see
Track Name: Heroin
I miss my love miserably
And my addiction never sleeps
I'm worth less than trash and bone
I've got naught but debt and home

All you people have it made
Went to school and paid your way
I wake up and feel so scared
Knowing that my rent will tear
Everything I love to shreds
Force my diet into bread

All of this would be okay
If my copycat had stayed
In this world unfairly made
Brought her here only to take
All the good she promised me
All the things that she can't see

Heroin has taken all
Now I want my heart to stall