Grass Textures

by Sunflower Sunspot

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Quick update,

I'm happy to announce that my project Sunflower Sunspot with the very talented Suprna is back in the works. More beautiful vocals and ghosty-synths to come.

Sleep well speak soon,

Hey everybody.

I'm sad to say that Sunflower Sunspot will not go on to finish Grass Textures. Other goals and factors outside of a mutual passion for making music brought the production of Grass Textures to a standstill until it was finally decided that the LP could not be finished regardless of whether or not the plug was officially pulled. I had a blast making songs with Suprna; I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with such a talented artist and I'm wishing her nothing but the best in life.

Hope you all enjoy what we did finish, we threw our hearts and souls at this project. If any of you happen to be a vocalist that's interested in working with me, please send an email over to and I'll be happy to take a look at your work. In the mean time, stay tuned for Comedown Green Tea (An EP About Coping Mechanisms) and enjoy the good times the moon kept you up for.

- I'm Alone


released May 5, 2015

LeeLee (Suprna) - Vocals, Lyrics
Trevor (I'm Alone) - Drums, Synths



all rights reserved


I'm Alone Houston, Texas

Experimental electronic music for bats, for the inconsolable, for the dead, for the addicted, for the too hopeless or too hopeful, for the people that see therapists, for the limerent; sounds for the anxious, the grieving, the lucid dreamers, the starving artists, the people that can't get it together, for anyone that's ever felt alone in a room full of people. ... more

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Track Name: Lift Up Your Cello And Breathe
Sleeping during the day
With the rustic touch of rays
My hair soaked since the morning dew

Undressed, my sea of skin
Called a creature living within
(Will you take me there)
Start a new
(Will you take me there)
Start a new
(She whispered to me)

Do you want that
You are not that one
But I'll be back

The taste of weeping willows
Communion for the pillows
Creature and I
We're sirens of the sight
Piercing throught the veil
And crashing down like hail
Became a worldly nymph
To see the universe at scale
To see the universe

Undressed, my sea of skin
Called a creature living within
Creature and I
We're sirens of the sight
Track Name: When The Moon Makes You Hold On
You came to me last night
You held me oh so tight
Awoke to the shining moonlight
It was all a dream

Hold on

Get back intact
Impatient for you
Come back, reenact
The things we would do (I'm sorry)
By the moon, by the light
By the way, it wasn't right
I'm sorry, but that won't suffice
So I'll take my eyes and compromise
And blame la lune

Hold on

Shades of green in your eyes
I can't decide
The images in your mind
I can't decide

Take my picture
At the beach
Take my picture
Remember me

I'm sorry
Now it's the moon you see
Do you hold on just like me?